Are you looking for the best self-defense training available? Look no further than Alpha Krav Maga for the most realisti

If you’re looking to get in GREAT shape and learn some kick-butt techniques at the same time…this is the class for you

If you’re looking for a “Kick-Butt” workout that will train you like a fighter without getting punched in the face…the

Looking for your child to learn an activity that will not only build their confidence, discipline and self-esteem; but w

If you’re looking to improve your child’s self-esteem, increase their focus, build their core strength, all while having

Does having your child’s hand raised in victory sound exciting? Our Competition Sparring and Weapons program (Black Belt

A child’s birthday is something you both will remember forever. Let the experts at Lima’s Tae Kwon Do help make your spe

Looking for something exciting to do for your kids over their school breaks? Well look no further. Our summer, fall, win

Want your child to get the best care after school? Let the experts at Lima’s Tae Kwon Do put your mind at ease. With our

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