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Looking for something exciting to do for your kids over their school breaks? Well look no further. Our summer, fall, winter and spring camps are designed to keep your child entertained and educated throughout their time off from school. With daily activities, arts & crafts, as well as martial arts classes; our camp is second to none. For more information, read below and reserve your spot today!


Why choose America’s Best for your Summer Camp needs?

Many children have often expressed interest in Karate and parents often see our camp as a way to introduce it to them. But don’t worry, we play plenty of other sports and activities for those who are not interested in JUST martial arts. We are the area’s leader in teaching character development to children – discipline, respect for others, and self-esteem. Children are rewarded for making good choices in all areas of their lives.

But over 20 years of running this camp has taught us many things. So we strive to “always keep our campers busy” because an active child is a happy child. Our camp is much smaller than many camps giving your child more of a personal experience. Every camper travels through the activities with their age group. Most of our staff has been with us for many years and we supplement our leadership with off duty school teachers and adult professionals. In the past we found out that some parents wanted to try different camps over the summer for their children and by offering a variety of themes, field trips, and activities; we are a ONE-STOP destination for your summer camp needs.

The Benefits of Multiple Weeks

We found that the kids that did more weeks over the summer developed stronger character, a much higher skill, and had the time to know our staff and develop friendships. So this year we made many changes. We added a ton of new field trips and organized them into “Themed weeks” so your child can experience a number of different things over the summer. With a variety of activities, sports, and team building exercises; our campers stay busy all day long and CAN’T WAIT until the next day to do it all over again. Did I mention that you get a discount for spending more weeks with us? Well…YOU DO!

Smaller Groups with More Personal Attention

By staggering the camps as well as the age groups we can keep the groups smaller, give more personal attention, and have a better overall experience. Why go anywhere else? We give multiple child discounts and if you commit to multiple weeks we reduce the cost every week as well. The more weeks you do – the more you save!

I cannot express how important it is to look through your schedule and select all of the weeks that your child wants to participate in. Our transport vans are only so big and we have to keep good staff to student ratios so we sell out very quickly and every year we have people begging to let us let them in!

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Kids Camps

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